Wednesday, August 24, 2011

State of the Union. Post One

1. What media do you like working in?

I've found through the countless all-nighters I have put myself through and the "oh mem gee why isn't this working the way i want it to?" I prefer to work with layers and layers of watered down guasch and I prefer to work in a smaller scale. I don't really enjoy working anything too much larger than 11X14, i feel like I always forget the importance of my brush strokes.

I enjoy learning how to make books, but for personal use. Thompson would murder me with words for the books I have made in the past. I really just find the whole process interesting, but I don't want to make some sort of artist statement with the book that I made or anything. 

I feel comfortable using adobe products, but i must say I am a personal vector fan.

2. What media do you hate working in? why? 

I hate oils. oil paints, oil sticks, oil pastels. it takes to long, its to messy, and I don't know how to fix problems when they arise. give me a water based media and I can use multiple techniques to cover up my mistakes, but with oils....forget about it

3. What media would you like to try but haven't?

I would like to try my hand in sculpture. That said, I haven't taken a sculpture class since my freshman course in 3-D art. I also would like to learn a couple of methods of cheap printing (screen prints litho prints for some examples).

4. List three non-illustration classes that have influenced your work positively?

1. art speak with nona bolin
this class was amazing. I spent the first three weeks of summer reading over old dead artists personal letters, critiques of their work, and their responses to those critiques. I began to make connections to certain artists I never had before. For example, Van Gogh and how he works out his issues of color and tone and how important that is to his final product. In a sense reading the problems he had, that I have, and how he learned to solve his problems can possibly help me as well. In a sense this is the class that got me to read again.

2. landscape drawing with remmy miller
This is the class I took right after art speak. I started to create a series, that wasn't strong in concept, but I excelled (i feel like) in aesthetics. I was proud of what I turned in.

3.Intro to computer graphics with Don Dumont
I took this class my sophmore year, but I feel like it put me ahead of the curb than some of my other classmates. Not that I was a well versed in photoshop or illustrator but I at least had a basic understanding of these complex computer programs.

5. Has the work of your peers influenced you and your work?

yes ofcourse. Especially in illustration. These people have become my relationship with this school. I don't want them to get better and me be left behind? what if they leave me for another girl? ofcourse, these people and their work influence me.

6. What sort of subject matter do you like to create about?

because no one else will, i want to make work about pop culture. its important, its how the world views us, and its totally stupid. I love the absurdity of our culture and I love finding a way to illustrate it. (this being said I feel that I haven't achieved very many successful pieces with this concept)

7. What kind of music do you like? why?

anything. I don't know. stupid things, bad things, good thing, folk things, underground things, sad indie girl with a guitar and bad poetry, real hip hop things, pop things, mash up artists, west coast indie thing, anarchist camp fire songs, weird music that plays in french elevators, MIKE PATTON, lsd pyscho weird this no longer makes sense but I've zoned out so it sounds kind of cool right now.

basically if I can mediafire it I will probably give it a chance (unless its dubstep or metal.....I don't fucking get it). heres a list of my current obsessions:
Laura Stevenson and the cans
The Books
Mischief Brew
The Wombats
Amy Winehouse
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Art Blackely <--- this is new
Beach Boys
and others

8. What non artists related hobbies/interest/skills do you have?

I can slackline. its what I do to escape from art school. it is a belt that is anchorded between two points (normally trees) and tighted through a belt tension system. the line is tight but has some slack, allowing the user to walk or jump across. I personally like to walk across it but I hope to one day be able to do some serious balance yoga and see if I can hold a candle to Thompson.

9. What is something that you like that nobody else likes?

I think the best answer is the jersey shore, but i think that is because no one I know likes the show. I also really enjoyed the documentary "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virgina" if you haven't seen it, you really should.

10. If you had the run of the worlds museums, what three works of original art would you like to own?

only three? 

1. The girl with the green eyes. Matisse
2. The Postman Roulin. Van Gogh
3. Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Gauguin 

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