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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visual Essay: Proposal

Lana McLean
Visual Essay Proposal
Green Washing
            We live in a world in which it is becoming increasingly clear that our environmental resources are running out. Not running out like some time in my great great grandchild’s lifetime, running out like now. So what is a modern consumer suppose to do? Surely we do not want to continue abusing our Earth they way we have since the industrial revolution (captain planet taught us that). However, how are we expected to live a world, where it becomes all too incontinently obvious that if we continue our bad habits we end up destroying the only home we know of.
            The solution? Going green! Otherwise known as environmentalism. NewWorldEncyclopedia. Org defines environmentalism as “a perspective that encompasses a broad range of views concerned with the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment”. No matter how far out on the right wing you stand, one can’t argue that the preservation of the environment is a negative ideal.
             Luckily for the average American consumer, we live in a Capitalist economy, meaning our countries trade industry is controlled by private owners, instead of the state. So for that American consumer, when they walk into their local Wal-Mart, they now have a variety of “green” earth-friendly products to choose from. “Consumers have embraced living green, and for the most part the mainstream green movement has embraced green consumerism. But even at this moment of high visibility and impact for environmental activists, a splinter wing of the movement has begun to critique it”(). When the consumer is faced with the fact that buying this product will not only improve their life, but it can increase the lifespan of Earth they feel as though their hard earned money is going towards a good cause, a green cause. “This act of misleading consumers in regards to the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product and service”() is what is known as Greenwashing. The results of this marketing scheme do not in fact help increase the lifespan of the Earth. Actually the average consumer does as much, if not more, harm to the Earth by deciding to buy these products. Some examples of everyday greenwashing include green cleaning products, packaged food from Whole Foods, Burtz Bees Lip Balm, and of course buying a hybrid car to cut down on fuel cost. Now to reiterate, being an environmentalist is still not a bad idea. It is just a common misconception that we as Americans can buy away our greater global problems. The reason why we are running low on our natural resources is because of the need to keep up with our average consumption. So therefore it is na├»ve to believe that by consuming more, one can therefore feel as though they are helping the environment.  The true answers for the average consumer who wants to participate in environmental philosophy lies within the sustainment of local agriculture and commerce.

Monday, August 29, 2011

State of the Union: Post Six

1. What sort of illustrator are you?

I don't know how to answer this one, I feel like the type of illustrator who is greatly influenced by comic book styled art, with sprinkles of eastern aesthetics showing through every once in a while. I feel like the type of illustrator who doesn't want to work in a large publishing company, and would prefer freelance work within a smaller community. I feel like the type of illustrator who prefers horizontal structure as their working enviroment.

2. What sort of career do you want to have?

I would prefer to have the "career" of a freelance artist. I want to be able to be in control of how many products I take on at one time, and I would like the freedom to step away after a major project is done, and take a break for my own personal sanity.

How do I want to sustain myself? I want to teach. I think I could be great at it. And I want to invest the minds of the youth to bring up my own army one day.

3. Does your present body of work reflect your aspirations? Could it do so more strongly?

I don't think my present body of work is much of anything. It's no ones fault but my own. I definatly was one of those students who just didn't get it for the longest time.  It hasn't been till recently that I began to feel a bit of success with what I have been doing in art. I do think I have become more goal oriented and have found a medium that I feel comfortable with.

4. List ten images/themes/techniques/subjects/formats that your portfolio needs in order to become more in line with your aspirations.

collage, absurdities, pushing the boundaries of reality. I think I should study this further

Brush Strokes
most people got them, I dont.

maybe I should have listened to chioffi more

Stronger inking
Make stuff look good!

A better understanding of INDESIGN
at this point I have used it twice, and both times were nightmares. This should be a simple program, why can't I work it?

Learn how to screen print
Maybe I would like to make a patch?

feeling comfortable contorting the figure
I need to stop freaking out about getting the anatomy of the figure exactly right. I need to loosen up

State of the Union. Post Five

1. If you had to spend the rest of your life illustrate one book, what would it be? Why?

Charlotte's Web. Because, quite simply, I could illustrate a story about a pig until the day I died.

2. If you could go apprentice with any two artist's in the history of the world, who would they be and why?

Van Gough.
I love this man and his master over brush stroke and color. I think I would also just love to have a chat with him about literature

I mean if I want to learn how to wood block print, why not just learn from the master. I think I would apply it to my art in a Mary Cassett kind of way. Maybe my answer is both of them?

3. If you were banned from the art world, but could have any career you wanted that wasn't in art what would it be? why?

Writer on themes within pop culture....most likely.

4. Describe the project you would propose, in detail, under the following circumstances (describe what it would be, how would you spend the money, how would you schedule the time alloted, and how would the work be [resented upon completion?)

1. You have one month and one thousand dollars.

Large scale (40X50) guasch painting, on handmade paper. Most of the money spent on paper making tools and guasch tubes, along with whatever is left over for brushes. try not to spend more than a week making the paper, and 3 weeks putting brush to paper.

2. Six months and ten thousand dollars.

a series of paintings applied onto stained wood, inside antique frames. I would later use these finished pieces to create a series of handmade books. 1-2 months on painting, 3-6 month of book binding and factory lining. Money would be spent on normal art expenses, but also enough to hire an assistant to help me with the book binding process.

3. One year and one hundred thousand dollars.

Large scale instillation. either in a museum or in a public park, but a large optical illusion blue box. From the outside it's a small blue frame, however when one walks into the space it becomes bigger on the inside. It makes the viewer feel like they have stepped into another deminsion. Most of the expenses will be spent on materials, and mirror technology. The instillation will have to be built on the spot, in the upmost secrecy

Saturday, August 27, 2011

State of the Union: Post Four

1. List ten illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate. Provide images.

This list is in no particular order of importance.

Robert Williams

The man who made juxapose (though he is an ass). I still really admire his counter reaction to abstract expressionism in the world, and the role he played in the beginning of the formation of pop surrealism.

Glenn Barr

This guy (also associated with the lowbrow movement) includes more pop references in his paintings, which is what I dig. I love the humanization of cartoons that I watched growing up.

Seamus Huffernan

Based out of Portland, freelance illustrator. He has work  published in The Portland Nobodies Comics Anthology, Postcards; True Stories that Never Happened, and The Portland Fun Book.

Kurt Hollomon

Kurt Hollomon's website sucks. But he is an illustrator based out of portland who also teaches drawing and illustration at Pacific Northwest. He has illustrated three books under the Chronical Books publication (On foot, In Gear, and The Adventure Journal.

Cathy Johnson

She is a bit of a kitchy old lady, but she is a self taught illustrator who is simply published in magazines she likes. Examples include Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature, and publications in Watercolor Artist magazine.

Adrian Tomine

This guy has a master of color that I can only dream of. And the simplified kind of comic inspired way he depicts his figures. I love it. Clients include the New Yorker, and he has experienced great success with his Optic Nerve series.

France Belleville

She is a 7th grade French teacher who, as far as I can tell doesn't have much of a list of clients. She has been published in An Illustrative Life.

Marissa Czerniejewski
 (I can't find an image to steal of hers on the internet)
Small time illustrator, who has appeared in a couple of zines I have picked up but also been published in Coffee Planet, Willamette Weekly, and Orlo

Enrique Flores

Freelance Illustrator based out of Madrid. Has published many books but his website is misleading, but also appears in publications such has An Illustrative Life

Laura Lanie

Fashion illustrator and professor at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Clients include Vogue, The New York Times, and Tommy Hilfiger

Annabelle Verhoye

Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, her clients include Playboy, Print magazine, Vital magazine, Wine Label Designs.

2. Find at least ten magazines that you think you could work for. Consider both the content of the magazine and the type of illustration, if any, that they use. Record the names of the art director and any assistant art director listed, and their contact information.

Orlo/ Bear Deluxe
exploring environmental issues through creative arts.....yeah

Kristin Rogers Brown
Art Director

Crap Hound
Sean Tejaratchi
I can't find a functioning website, which leads me to believe it may not be in production even though the book I have next to me assures that it is still around. His zine has been described as "a picture book for discussion and activity" Also dudes based out of Portland.
Mystery Date
Lynn Peril
She loves all the same bad advertisement of the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. woohoo feminist undertones!

The Revolution starts at home
Jai Dulani 

3. If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it be something you wanted to spend all your time on, what would it be? What sorts of writers and artists would you hire? What subject matter would it deal with? How would you want it to look?

If my livelihood and sanity depended on it, I would want to publish a magazine about contemporary sci fys. Episode reviews, interviews with the writers, and an online resource affliated with the magazine for readers to use as an open forum to lead discussions.

I would try to presuade possible retired and contemporary sci fy writers and artist onto my team.

I wouldn't want my magazine to be too sci fy. I have to admit I hate the metalic aesthetics of most sci fy comics and illustrations. Maybe something that embraced elements of art neuvo elements alongside the cold dark depicted final frontier 

4. List ten non-magazine clients that you would like to you would like to work with. Why are these dream clients? Find and record their contact information
DIY zine spring board

Beehive Design Collective
I volunteered with them over the summer, but I would love to help them in the creation process of one of their long-term posters.

AK Press
674-A 23rd Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 208-1700   

AORTA Collective
based out of philly, need some help with zine production.

Roosevelt - ACT High School
I really want to be a teacher, so I feel like this could fit the category. This is a school that focuses on demonstrating higher level thinking through the means of creative expression

Wilson High School
Broad range of developmental fine arts.

No Media Kings
combination of sci fy and pop culture. Yeah it would be fun to be published by that guy.